Greensboro Child Care

Hester’s Creative Schools – Benjamin

HesterMain-e1362325978174We are a great Child Care Center/School in Greensboro, NC. We invite you to tour and see for yourself why so many parents choose us.  We have loving, fully qualified experienced teachers.  We provide Infant care through School Agers and we provide transportation from many schools as part of our after school program.  We are more than a Day Care.  Come and see for yourself!

Hester’s Creative Schools of Benjamin is a Child Care Center/School/Daycare that recognizes the value and importance of childhood as a uniquely special time in life for both children and their families. We invite children to explore, to wonder, to create, to take part, to see, to learn, to find out how and why, and to ask questions about our world and community in a safe, nurturing environment steeped with values.

At our Child Care Center/School/Daycare, we teach through play and have rolled out three great new programs. Creative Curriculum from Teaching Strategies is utilized throughout our different classrooms for all ages in order to provide superior education through play. Kinder Spanish is providing our Spanish Emersion and Sign Language. We are so thrilled to provide sound education to all children attending our school. We have also rolled out a new curriculum from Crayola for our school agers. Come and see for yourself how these new programs can benefit your child.

Please Call our Child Care Center for enrollment information: 336-288-8924

We are located on 1700 Benjamin Parkway.  Greensboro, NC 27408.